Paw Balm

Paw Balm

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Our All Season Paw Balm will help keep your furry friends feet healthy!

In the winter our walkways, sidewalks, and streets are covered with all manner of salt, ice melting chemicals, anti-freeze, washer fluid and who knows what else! These harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the unprotected paws of our outdoor animals. 

In the summer the intense heat of concrete and pavement can also cause a great deal of discomfort and in some cases serious burns to the pads on paws. 

Paw Balm is used to help protect, moisturize and repair pets feet from snow, ice, salt, sand and heat. 

Made from All Natural Ingredients including Calendula infused Oil, and beeswax means that this balm doesn't have to stop at their toes. Use it on any dry, chapped or irritated areas to help naturally sooth and heal your pup's skin.

No essential oils were added so even safe for pups who want to have a taste!

The Paris A-PAW-THECARY's Pet Products

We believe that our pets deserve nothing but the best when it comes to all-natural health and care products. Being animal lovers ourselves we looked at our furry friends and started tackling the issues of paw protection, coat enhancement, dry skin/itch relief, bug repellent and more. Always keeping in mind that our hairy family members don't always know they shouldn't lick away their beneficial spa treatment!

Thus, The Paris Apothecary always ensures that our products are 100% natural and non-toxic to our pets (and our pets humans!). 

To Use:

Holding the tin, rub the balm on the dogs paws until lightly covered. Will natural wear off over time, no need to wipe feet clean after!

We Suggest:

Apply the Paw Balm before walks or any time cracks start appearing in the pads of your dogs paws.